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Sunday, July 1, 2012


My son is turning 5 on Tuesday.  Today we celebrated with a few of his friends.  
The theme: ROBOTS!

I decided this year that instead of little paper baggies full of cheap crap that breaks right away, I'd make T shirts for favors to give the guests of my children's parties.  They go over like gangbusters, and my kids LOVE to have them.  For these I bought some foam blocks and cut out the robot part shapes, then used them as stamps.  I used puffy paint for the eyes, mouth and 5 on the chest.  Then I outlined the whole thing and added antennae with green glow paint.

Each child gets their name on the back of the shirt, outlined in glow paint, too.  

Robot cake: I made two 9x9 squares.  I used one as the body (slimmed down a little on the vertical sides), and cut the other into four squares.  One quarter for the head, one cut into the two arms, the other two I shaped into the two feet and the two claw/hands.   Box cake, homemade buttercream frosting, a little bit of white sparkle gel icing.

Big thanks to all my Twitter people who helped me when my frosting separated.  I chilled and re-mixed, and all was well.  You guys rule. 

Happy Birthday!