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Thursday, July 28, 2011

My quest to weigh 476 pounds by Christmas.

I started making ice cream.

Left to right: olive oil with buttered pecans, mint, chocolate, beet with mascarpone and poppyseeds.

My favorite is the mint, picked from my container garden and steeped for four hours. It is excellent with white chocolate chips and coconut thrown in it. I intend to make rosemary, basil, and "Manhattan" ice cream with a carmel bitters ribbon and roasted cherries.

Recipes later when I'm not blogging from my phone. I have two kinds of carrot ice creams yet to be frozen tomorrow. Something tells me I'll be needing another ice cream maker soon.



  1. "Manhattan" ice cream... Virginia, you are my hero!

  2. You're entitled, ice cream is our legacy. Have at it. And make me one with ginger, would you?

  3. Yes, I gotta say Manhattan ice cream is genius. Can't wait for a recipe :)

  4. Ms. Art - It is, indeed. I'm not sure yet, but this might be what I'm doing when I grow up. Also - ginger ice cream is now on the list.

  5. Yum I've been wanting to make a dairy-free ice cream with pralines and celtic sea salt. Looking forward to the recipes. Please include the ginger!