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Friday, March 26, 2010

Dinner, Drinks and 3-D

Tonight my dad is taking me to a movie in a theater where you buy advanced tickets and can eat and drink and sit in fancy chairs.  The menu looks pretty good.  I'll probably end up splitting a bottle of Sauvignon Blanc unless I can justify paying $12 for a martini - it does have Red Hots floating in it, after all.

Also, there is no way I'm leaving that theater without having bacon popcorn.  I'll let you know how it is.


  1. Bacon popcorn? Does it come with bits of bacon in it or is it just flavored with bacon? Maybe popped in bacon grease?

  2. My lovely wife made bacon popcorn a few weeks ago... using, no less, real bacon grease. It was heart-stoppingly delicious.

  3. What the?? Bacon popcorn?????!?!? That exists? Please write about it. Or ask Bill for his recipe : )

  4. Siri - It's late, but I have pictures, and it was WONDERFUL! More to come!!