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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Chicken pot, chicken pot, chicken pot PIE!

I've discovered that my children love peasant pies.  They raved about shepherd's pie and now I've discovered their love of chicken pot pies.  And really, what's not to love about veggies, meat and sauce under pastry?

Last night, here's what I did:

Roast some vegetables (2 onions, 8 brussels sprouts, 2 small potatoes, 1/2 head cauliflower) with olive oil and salt in a 425 oven for about 50 minutes.

Cook some chicken breasts on the stovetop - medium heat, olive oil, salt. About 15 minutes total. 

Make a roux.  Equal parts butter and flour. (2 TBS each?) Cook it for a few minutes to cook out the flour taste:

Roux the day?  Who talks like that?

Add 5oz can of evaporated milk and 1/2 a Korr's chicken bouillon cube (or 1 Wyler's).  Cook over low for 2 minutes.  Add enough water to make 1 3/4 cups sauce.  Add 2 tsp fresh herbs (I had thyme, parsley and tarragon). (Next time I'd add just a few drops of lemon juice, I think.)

Lightly spray ramekins with cooking spray and layer in the vegetables, sauce, diced chicken, sauce. (Next time, I'd mix up the chicken and veggies to evenly distribute them, but I'd still layer the sauce in. I'll also fill them more.)

Make an egg wash with one egg and a little water.  Brush on the outside edge of the ramekin.  Cut out a circle of dough just bigger than the ramekin.  I used Pillsbury's crescent dough.  Brush egg was over dough and dust with a sprinkling of herbs.

Set on a sheet pan and bake in the still 425 oven until golden brown.  Mine took about 5 - 7 minutes.


Shopping List:

Assorted vegetables (ie onion, brussels sprouts, cauliflower, potatoes)
Olive Oil
Salt and Pepper

2TBS butter
2TBS flour
5oz can evaporated milk
Korr's chicken bouillon 

Chicken breasts, cooked and diced

2 tsp assorted herbs (ie thyme, parsley, tarragon)

Pillsbury crescent roll dough (either a sheet, or press the perforations flat)

1 egg


  1. I'm glad the sitter makes these because my daughter loves them too but I never make em. Yours look amazing!

  2. Goodness, this looks good.

    You can use any kind of veggie in these, couldn't you? I'm trying really hard to like broccoli and carrots. :(

  3. L: Yes! You could roast those veggies first, which might help you like them better because all veggies taste better roasted. Or you could blanch them - 3-4 minutes for the carrots and 1-2 minutes for the broccoli in boiling water. OR put them on a plate, put a little water on them, cover with another plate and microwave them for 2 minutes (carrots) and 1 minute (broccoli). You want them tender-crisp. Not mushy.
    I think frozen peas done the same way would give a nice fresh pop, too.

  4. These look very tasty, but what I like the best is the Real Genius reference, if I'm not mistaken...

  5. Lorna wins! It's one of my favorite quotes ever. Yay!