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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Lost and Found -or- Is it Spring Yet?

You know when you want to find something and you can't and it drives you crazy and you know it's out there somewhere and we have the Internet for god sake and you should be able to find it so where is it already?  And then you give up? And then a while later you find it?

In my real life, I recently found and lost the cufflinks I gave to my husband on our wedding day.  I found them the week before he was going to be wearing a tux again on the cruise we went on last week. I was so excited.  I put them someplace I would remember to bring them them.  Or did I not move them, because I knew that I would forget where I put them?  I don't know, because I didn't find them again in time for the cruise.  Perhaps I'll run into them again in the next seven years - hopefully before the next formal event we go to.

In my Internet life, I've been looking for a swing set for the kids.  All I've been able to find are the kind that are $12,000,000 and have a turret and a moat and maybe some crocodiles circling it. And guard dogs with bees in their mouths and when they bark they shoot bees at you.  I just want a regular swing set.  With four poles and a few swings. Maybe a slide.  Maybe, maybe a see-saw.  I gave up looking when the snow started to fly.  But I didn't really give up.  I knew the answer was out there somewhere.  Now, I live in Minnesota, so it just keeps snowing, and it may keep doing so for another few months, but I have faith that Spring is coming.  I'm looking for signs of it - too early, I know.  But I know it will come.  Besides, look what I just found without even looking: A plethora of SWING SETS!  Please click the link and tell me which one is your favorite.  I'm all excited.

PS: CSN stores rule. 


  1. This one. it's on sale. http://www.swingsetsandmore.com/Swing-n-Slide-PB-8243-SNS1109.html And it looks cool.

    As for losing stuff, when I was in high school, after a week of frantic mornings searching for my car keys before driving to school, my mother hammered a nail into the wall of my bedroom. She said "Hang your keys here. If you are looking for them and they are not there, you have only yourself to blame". Since them, I strive to make a place for everything and make sure it's always put back when I'm done. It works well, except when I'm lazy and lose stuff.

  2. Those are great! I love the one with the see-saw on the end!


    I regret not getting one for Ev when he was little... They grow up so fast... :-\

  3. If something ain't lost at least once a day at my house then you know we've been replaced by evil pods. I would love to be a more organized person! But it's like you said, eventually the important things do turn up. Like swings!!