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Saturday, March 3, 2012

Hi There.

Ok, so my last post was about my jack-o-lantern.    Let's move on.

I've been finding myself actually writing restaurant reviews on Open Table after we've gone out to eat.  This has mostly been because of disappointment in my experience.  The last two restaurants we've been to on our few-an-far-between-precious-nights-out when forward planning, a babysitter and  a few extra funds have all come together on the same day, were really..... meh.  Or worse.  
It made me think that if we're going to eat out, we need to go better places.  We can't pick places just because we haven't been before (last weekend), or places that are conveniently located to the rest of our evening, have available tables 20 minutes before we want to eat,  and give us 1,000 points on Open Table (last night). We need quality.
It also reminded me that I love to cook and I'm good at it.  So we're having a couple over for dinner next weekend and I'm going to outdo both our latest restaurant experiences. It should be easy, since the first one blasted cold air and 70s Prog Rock at us, and the second's food tasted like the chef shopped at Trader Joe's and then didn't even follow the directions on the package.

I've been so busy thinking about and making ice cream lately that I almost forgot how much I enjoy, and how good I am at cooking savory food.  So, thanks, "Hit-and-Miss-but-Mostly-Miss"  and "Never Again" restaurants I've visited in the last two weeks.  You were an expensive lesson, but one of which I'm happy to be reminded.

More about the ice cream soon.  And I think I'll even start posting again.  Welcome back.

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  1. Well...hello again! Sorry about your misses on the restaurant front. I can sympathize. Been there and nothing is more disappointing (well, maybe some things are, but not many). Can't wait to hear more about ice cream soon! :)