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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

And now for something just a little bit different.

Being a parent, I've become aware of how important routine and schedules are for children.  They need a place to come back to.  They need a safe structure so they can explore the world around them with confidence, and know that this and this and this will happen, and we will always be there for them.

But let's be honest.  Routine and schedules can be boring at their best and stifling at their worst for an adult.  I've started to look for little releases throughout my week to break up the routine that my children need to thrive and grow.  I've made some observations about my own daily routines and tried to do them differently every once in a while.  It makes me live that moment just a little more intentionally, and brings a tiny bit of zest to my everyday tasks.  They might sound silly, but they do help me notice what my small patterns are, which helps me to practice noticing what my big patterns are.  A change of any size, at it's best, can broaden our minds, open our hearts, and make room for great things to come in to our lives.

 Here are some little ways I've tried to live my day differently in the tiniest way.  

*Shave my left leg first, instead of my routine right
*Unload the dishwasher "backwards" (silverware last?!)
*Fill the dog's water bowl first, then her food bowl
*Put my lipstick on before my mascara
*Choose my jewelry first and build an outfit around it
*Lay out my clothes the night before so I have two more minutes to stay in bed, breathe and get mentally prepared for my day
*Drive with the radio off
*Eat an omelette for dinner, appetizers for lunch, pasta for breakfast

UPDATE:  Thought of a new one:
*Write a blog post that's not about food :)

So, tell me:  What do you think?  What will you do to make a tiny change?


  1. BWHAHAAHAAHAHAHAHAH! "Shave my left leg first." Hysterical!

    Some days, I opt to take my birth control pill *before* the anti-anxiety pill. That's how I shake it up. Then, when I get to Starbucks, I have a decision: whip, or no whip? Often, I go with the whip, because dammit, I *deserve* it!

    But what you're saying here is so true, all joking aside. Especially for those of us with kids like Monk. :-0

  2. Put my makeup on THEN wash my face.


  3. I tried to put my pants on before my underwear once but everyone kept calling me super-girl the whole day.

    I guess one way we're shaking things up, this weekend my friend is visiting with her 5 and 9 month old. Should be interested as the 9 month old has just started crawling. Maybe him and Es can share toys.

  4. Tiny changes. Hmmmmm... I should probably create a routine first. My self-awareness has sort of gone out the window once David was born. I guess I could punch in at work *before* I power up all of audio video stuff for the Karaoke. That'd make my wife happy too.

  5. Oooh, I am so obsessive about my daily routine! I eat the same cereal for breakfast, have a cup of coffee, dress, etc. I actually get to work 30 minutes before I'm due to start, in which I smoke a few cigarettes and have a snack. I always pick up a diet Mountain Dew from 7-11 on my way there too. I've been thinking about shaking up the routine and maybe getting a diet Dr. Pepper instead one of these days...

  6. I read once that you can actually keep your brain strong as you get older by doing little things like: brush your teeth with your left hand (if you're a righty) and close your eyes the whole time you're in the shower and proceed normally.

    Can't stop reading your blog!