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Friday, February 19, 2010

Honey- & Goat Cheese-Filled Fig Muffins

That's right.  The time has finally come.  I made the muffins.  I had A LOT of help.  Luckily, the recipe calls for three bowls to be going at the same time.  2yo boy got to mash and chop and stir to his heart's content, the goat cheese, honey, lemon zest(!) filling.  The entire time.  4yo girl got to "sift" (ie stir with spoon, rake with very clean hands) the dry ingredients.  And I got to stir up the wet ingredients and assemble everything.  That being said, I have no pictures of the actual MAKING of this recipe.  Please enjoy the results, however:

This is an amazing recipe. I tried one right out of the oven - because how could I not?  It was warm, gooey, moist, explosive, sweet - but not too sweet, creamy.  Everything I wanted it to be.  An hour later, I followed the directions for "make ahead" version.  I wrapped one in a paper towel and microwaved it on high for 30 of the 30 -45 recommended seconds.  The filling pretty much disappeared into the muffin. And it was scorching hot.  The kids ate it (after it cooled) for dessert, and thought it was the bee's knees (and of course they did - they made it, after all!).  I nuked one at 20 seconds  for myself, and it was a little better.  When I have one for it's intended destiny of breakfast, I will try 15 seconds, to attempt to preserve the integrity of the goo inside.

A few ingredient notes:  I did use Whole Wheat flour.  I think it makes a big difference not only in nutrition, but also in texture and flavor.  I used "soured milk" (1 cup less 1TBS of milk and 1TBS lemon juice that I let stand while I got everything else together) instead of buttermilk.  Worked like a charm as always.  I got dried Black Mission Figs at Trader Joe's and they were wonderful!

I will definitely make this again.  I may futz with it a little to keep it a little more moist while re-heating.  If you have any ideas or insights on how a person might futz in this way, please tell me in the comments below.  When I microwaved it, I was very happy for the little goo that was left, and the sugar sprinkled on top.  I will also NEVER eat two in one evening again.  This is a VERY filling muffin.  It actually *is* the meal that it is intended to be (and at 6 Weight Watchers' Points, that's a very nice breakfast!)  This is a fantastic brunch party recipe.  Right out of the oven, these are truly outstanding.  It even looks like the picture in the magazine! (Though Eating Well doesn't take pictures with an iPhone, I'm sure.)

UPDATE:  15 seconds in the microwave this morning gave perfect results.  It also preserved the moistness of the muffin itself, so I think no futzing is necessary.  I had posted earlier that I would up the honey and down the zest, but the next day, the proportions in the recipe are really balanced and nice.  I think right out of the oven is, of course, the best, strongest flavor, but these sure hold up.  I'm going to freeze a couple and see how that works out in a week or so.  

Seriously.  Do yourself a favor and make these.


  1. Sounds fabulous. I am curious to know how it tastes after nuking for 15 seconds. They look very yummy.

  2. These sound really good and so unique! Definitely something I'm interested in trying!