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Saturday, August 7, 2010

Back from vacation: Fat and Happy.

This week my family went up to a lake in Northern Minnesota.  It was glorious.  The weather was beautiful, the lake was crystal clear, the cabin was spacious and wonderful, and I got to build two campfires and stuff myself silly with marshmallows.  

While we were up there, we finalized our plans for the Jonathan Coulton Cruise in January.  Bill is performing, along with others, on the cruise and we're very happy to be able to go with him and enjoy the Caribbean in January!  

SO-  Having stuffed myself with marshmallows and hot dogs cooked over a campfire for a week (not to mention ALL the BACON!), and having spent said week in my old-lady swim dress (no, there are no pictures), and having finalized plans to go on a fabulous week-long cruise with awesome people (including, but not limited to, my family), I would now like to drop some dress sizes. 

Last year I dropped 27 pounds by doing weight watchers and yoga.  This year I gained it ALL BACK.  Every single pound.  I just stopped paying attention.  But now I have a goal.  And I'm really good with a project.  SO.  I will keep cooking, I will keep eating delicious food.  I will not give up wine or sweets or pasta.  I will, however, be on Weight Watchers, doing yoga (possibly going to a gym! Gasp!), writing everything down, drinking tons of water, chewing gum, and watching my portions.  I will not belabor it here, for this is not a weight-loss blog, but if you have any interest in how I'm doing, or if you're involved with a similar personal project, I invite you to follow my new Twitter Account and play along at home.

Happy eating!

Images Here, Here, Here and Here.  The marshmallow one's the real deal.


  1. When I get to MN -- and I WILL -- it is my dream to a) go to Nye's; b) visit the Twine Ball; and c) drive up north and see me some lakes. I love lakes. They're so peaceful.

  2. Late to the party here (Sorry, feed readers make me a lazy commenter!), but I just wanted to share with you the most important thing I've learned about weight loss / maintenance over the yeras --

    When annoying people say "It isn't a diet, it is a lifestyle change," even though I want to punch them, I know they are right. I try to abide by the theory "don't do anything to lose weight that you aren't willing to do the rest of your life to KEEP it off," and I really do think that is true. I "dieted" my ass off for 5 years, dropped 70 lbs, ran a marathon, and then "life happened" and I regained half that weight... what also happened is that I went back to my old habits instead of continuing the habits and practices I learned from WW.

    I'm back on the WW wagon again too, but this time with a much different attitude.

    1) make small goals and keep them -- ie, Im' not trying to run a marathon anymore, jsut trying to move daily and at a minimum, 3 hard workouts per week.

    2) When I lost 70 lbs, I still wanted to lose another 20. I was so fixated on that, that I forgot to enjoy and appreciate how far I'd come. So now my goal is to get back to my marathon weight and just stay there. Screw those extra 20 lbs. I've never been a skinny girl, no need to get 20 lbs thinner than my high school weight...

    3) It is all about balance. Pizza for lunch = broccoli for dinner.

    Good luck!