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Thursday, August 26, 2010

Put the Hammer in the Coconut...

I got the kids a coconut today at the store.

It took my sweet, patient husband a good amount of doing, but he got it open.  

We all tasted it.  Some liked it more than others, but I was glad the kids were so interested and willing to try something new.

Unfortunately, I suffered the loss of my favorite mixing bowl in the process.  (We wanted to catch the water/milk and taste it, too.)  :(

Luckily, there is a Bed Bath and Beyond near me and I've been saving up my 20% off coupons.  If all goes well, by tomorrow, I'll have three new favorite mixing bowls.

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  1. Oh that gives me flashbacks to some opening a restaurant show I caught on BBC once where two women first tried to open a coconut using a kitchen knife and a hammer. When that didn't work they tried a can of coconut milk still using a knife and a hammer. They didn't last long.