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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Empty the Camera - Vacation

Empty the Camera is a series where I share things that don't have enough story for their own big ol' post.  Enjoy, won't you?

I ate this for lunch on vacation recently.  
That's right.  Bacon, Butter Toffee Peanuts and White Wine.  
Lunch of vacationing champions.

Same trip - giant mutant marshmallows. 
I still have a lot of the pink ones left.  I see Rice Krispie Treats in their future.

Same trip - my dad bought us all Wax Lips.  
(Why does one of my eyes look bigger than the other?)

ALSO on this trip: Hummingbird Wars!


 This inspired me to get a feeder at our house.  
And it's working!!

Different trip - we ate at the restaurant at the resort we were staying at.  
They had something called TOTCHOS on the menu. 
Tater Tot Nachos.  Seriously. 
How could I not order that?  Brilliant.  Will have to try them at home.


  1. This post totally cracks me up! I love the bacon, peanut, wine lunch. Sometimes you've just got to go for it...

    ps I had forgotten about wax lips but they are awesome and should be incorporated into adult activities on a much more regular basis.

  2. Thanks, Rachel! The lips taste like childhood! I have a great picture of my parents wearing them and "kissing". Hilarious!

    Thanks for commenting so I could discover your site and your blog. The recipes I skimmed look great and I am SO GLAD to see people talking about the ridiculousness of women's body images in this culture. I'm 5'9" and there is NO WAY I should weigh anything like 110. Good gracious.

  3. It's so funny you mentioned the taste...a friend and I were just talking about that after reading your post!

    I'm glad you like the recipes and other posts! Yes, there is NO WAY you should weigh 110 lbs...or I should weigh 100 at 5'4". We would like like bobble-heads :)