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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Summer Cocktail

My friend Stephanie made a comment on Twitter a few weeks ago that she had made "Freshie Ice."  I was fascinated and asked her about it.  Turns out it's just her cute way of saying that she cleared out the ice maker and that all the ice would be fresh for cocktails.  Well, it inspired me.  

I put a fresh, peeled cucumber in a food processor and pushed it through a sieve.  Then poured the juice into my cute little candy-making mold.  I filled some of the other hearts with lime juice.  I froze them.

After they were hard, I put two cucumber cubes and one lime cube in a pretty glass.

Then added two ounces of shaken gin*.  And I named it after its Muse. The ice melts and flavors the gin so loverly. 

 Ladies and gentlemen, I give you
  The Freshie Tart.

*I recommend you use Hendrick's, but I'm slumming it with Tanquery.


  1. OMG. Want. I have those candy molds / ice cube trays (I actually thought they were just ice cube trays), and will be making these!!! Even just in sparkling water they'd be awesome (but less fun).

  2. oh these are so cute got to love twitter for learning new things

  3. This reminds me I have a summer drink recipe I need to share with you!