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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

More Cookies

Last week I went to go see my friends Paul and Storm and Jonathan Coulton do a show at the Guthrie.  It was, of course, awesome.

I brought them these cookies to munch on in the green room.  I saved out two from the batch I made for my children. (I gave half to the boys and half to my friends Bill and Sharon in exchange for some honey.)  They keep asking if we have any more.  We don't, but it doesn't seem like we're eating the bananas on the counter as quickly as we might, and so a Corbett-only batch might be in our near future.

I used chunky peanut butter - and might add peanut butter chips next time for even more PB taste.  The banana taste is perfect and the texture is between muffin and cookie.  It's kind of like baking muffin tops.  YUM!

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  1. A lot of people have told me they use PB chips - must try myself next time!