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Saturday, May 7, 2011

Not sure I can bring myself to believe it's Spring.

We've had the longest winter ever here in Minnesota.  I've put away and gotten back out my family's winter coats more times than I can count, and really more times than I'd like to admit.  Because it makes me feel gullible or something.  Once I get passed the outrage that it has snowed twice in in May and we had a lovely March day yesterday for Cinco de Mayo, I feel sad that the sky outside my window can look like this

and I still hold a knot in my stomach, because I don't really believe that Spring is here.  At this rate, it will be Summer before it's Spring.

I will not give up, though!  Today, I'm going to clean my house with music on and the windows open.  And I'm going to grill something delicious for dinner.  And I'm going to make this salad.  Because that's what you do in the Spring.  And if I don't start believing that Spring is here, it's all of a sudden going to be June - and I'll have missed it.

**Side note - FIVE DAYS TILL I PICK UP MY FIRST CSA!!!! If today's plan doesn't work, I'll at least believe in spring when I pick up that box.**

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