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Thursday, May 27, 2010

My continuing love affair with carbs.

Oh, pasta.  I love you.  Now that I know about things like quinoa pasta and pappardelle exist, I really could include you in a meal every day.  

The vegetables in this dish are so fresh and delicious (love the pop of the peas!).  The pine nuts give it just the right texture and nuttiness (I actually managed not to burn my first batch this time).  I served the kids this dish, deconstructed, with no sauce - (love it when dinner is easy like that).  I also used cooked shrimp (on sale at the store) and just popped them in the water at the end long enough to warm them up, but not so long to make them rubbery.  I also used linguini instead of spaghetti and loved the texture of it.

I liked the sauce, but it was a little strong to eat the next day for leftovers lunch.  I think doing this same thing with half the garlic and dill in place of the parsley (and maybe an adjustment of the lemon juice to balance it out) would be a great variation.  I love the technique of yogurt as a sauce and will definitely use it again.

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