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Thursday, April 22, 2010

Laundry Day

As I spent time sorting what seemed to be Every Piece Of Clothing My Entire Family Owns in the laundry room last night, it occurred to me that I might be doing it wrong.  Or at least different.  As I sorted the adult clothes diligently into whites, lights and darks, I simultaneously sorted the children's clothes into their own basket.  When the kids clothes basket gets too full for one load in my (awesome) washing machine, I don't sort them into lights and darks.  I sort them into His and Hers.  Why is it that I don't feel the need to sort the kids' clothes by color?

Anyone else out there do weird sorting?

Also, let it be known that the kids stuff all gets washed on cold.  I'm not That clueless.


  1. I don't even sort anymore. I just throw it all in. And I only have one kid. Can you imagine when I have more than one? No one will wear clothes because they'll all be dirty.

  2. I seperate my clothes into t-shirts, nice shirts, pants, and undies/socks/white shirts. It's always worked for me. That and when I had to use coin operated, I tried to stuff as much as I could into one load because I'm cheap like that. XD

  3. I've always sorted by color -- whites, darks, in-betweens. Everybody's clothes get washed together. (This has caused problems when there was a crayon in a pocket. :-0 Oooh, hubby still hasn't forgiven me for wrecking his favorite dress shirt...)

    Now that Ev is bigger, it seems like we have a kasquillion pairs of jeans every week, so they end up all getting washed together cuz they take up so much room!

    I like laundry, tho. It's the only chore I don't hate. :-)