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Sunday, March 13, 2011

About Last Night

Email photo update while I wait for my kids to wear themselves out at
tge Community Indoor Play Structure (these are things we need in
Minnesota to keep us sane).

Last night I made prosciutto-wrapped chicken breasts and wilted
spinach with golden raisins (and crispy prosciutto) served with Trader
Joe's frozen brown rice. It was delicious!

While I was at the grocery store yesterday I picked up some "razz-
cherries" in the bulk section. I only bought a handful. They were
really expensive and I'll choose something else next time, but they
looked so yummy I had to try them. When I got home I started soaking
them in Brandy.

Then I asked Twitter (@rootsandzest if you're not already following)
what I should make to go with them. The resounding answer was a
Manhattan (#duh). I only had dry Vermouth, so I did 2oz Jameson, .5
oz dry Vermouth, .5 Brandy the cherries were soaking in, and extra
bitters. And a cherry. It was delicious. I had two.

Now I'm planning tomorrow's meal for Pie Day (3-14). I think Chicken
Pot for dinner.
What's your favorite dessert pie? I'm thinking cherry or lemon. Or
apple. Or chocolate....


  1. Your blogs always make me hungry, V. Not sure if this makes me happy or mad.

  2. We are gonna have blueberry if I have anything to say about it. Still haven't figured out how to explain Pi Day to a first grader. I suspect it's really not all that important that she understand as long as there is pie.