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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Six Years of Motherhood

My daughter turned 6 on Sunday.  Saturday we had six little girls over to our house for a party.  It was very loud and very cute, and it only lasted two hours in the morning, which was great.

I was dubious about how the Jessie The Yodeling Cowgirl Hat Cake was going to turn out when I started...

But it ended up really cute!

We broke two plastic golf clubs on this bad boy.  My husband had to deal the final blows with the broom handle.

Sunday found us at my parents' house for the Family Party.  My Mom made the traditional Bunny Cake.

Yesterday I spent much of the day getting over-packaged things out of their plastic.  My daughter's first Barbie Doll was eventually liberated, even though her head was literally  attached to her box.  Is this really necessary?

I keep re-living her birth over in my head, and I feel so lucky and grateful that I get to raise her and watch her become whatever adult is inside this smart, funny, clever, moody, passionate, talented six year old.

Me, six years and four days ago:

I'm still that happy about my baby girl!


  1. Congrats! Happy Birthday! And very impressive cake, my Jack would approve : )

  2. Thanks! I thought of your mad piping skills and Jack's Brobee cake while I was doing it!