I talk about food a lot. And other stuff.

But mostly food.

Monday, April 11, 2011



1 A healthy, fit body.
2 A healthy mind.
3 A healthy spirit.
4 To do more yoga. 
5 To speak my truth.
6 To FIND my truth.
7 To listen to more new music.
8 To find something that I love to do and make a lot of money doing it.
9To get my car washed more often.
10 To get my knives sharpened more often. (More often than never shouldn't be too hard.)
11 To enjoy my kids more, and yell less.
12 To spend more time outside. (To remember earlier in the year that I like spending time outside.)
13 To have more parties.
14 An organized house.
15 To be less afraid.
16 To love to live with less stuff, an love the stuff I have more.
17 A great wardrobe.
18 To learn to ride a bike again. (Stop laughing.)
19 To find out more about myself, and become more well rounded.
20 To learn how to do something new - create something meaningful.
21 To blog more.
22 To journal more.
23 To meditate more.
24 To be a peace more.
25 To go through all the baby stuff, put away what's important, and let go of what's not.
26 A scrapbook of all the cool things I get to do.
27 To write a cookbook. 
28 To be more grateful.
29 To pay more attention.
30 To have a few communities to lean on.
31 To read more.
32 To find a few new really great pieces of jewelry.
33 To wear nail polish more often.
34 To be the best wife I am able to be.
35 To be the best daughter I am able to be.
36 To be the best mother I am able to be.
37 To be the best friend I am able to  be.
(and one to grow on) To be more content than I've ever been.


  1. Happy Birthday Virginia:)

    All wonderful goals.. but don't forget.. you're pretty nice already, don't forget to be yourself :)

  2. Happy birthday! Only 37? You kids today with your blogs and your twitters and your what-nots.

  3. Happy BIRTHDAY!
    Love the list!!
    I've got my own 37 right around the corner!!

  4. Happy Birthday! What a beautiful list -- I'd swear you were my twin sister! Hope you are feeling better :)

  5. 38) to reconnect in person with somebody who adores you! I'd be happy to fill that role! SEriously, let's do it!

  6. Happy belated!

    Good luck with #5. This is Minnesota, and the truth is .. um.. threatening.. to people. LOL.

    Let me know if you need help with #13 or 27 :)

  7. Happy Birthday! Your list says a lot about who you are and the person you will be in the future. A beautiful reflection of you!

    I've seen you post more than once about finding work that you love and can be successful with financially, and thought of this interview with
    Brian Johnson of Philosopher's Notes. Something tells me it will resonate with you (especially the stuff towards the middle and end).
    Go to: http://AttendThisEvent.com/?eventid=11727228