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Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween

I love Halloween.  I wonder if I'll be the only adult (1950's poodle-skirt-wearing-girl) walking her kids (Buzz Lightyear and Jessie the Yodeling Cowgirl) around in costume.

Tell me about any crazy candy you got - or are giving out.   I found gummy hamburgers and hot dogs - only the hot dogs are severed fingers!

Also - Yes.  I baked the seeds.  Three batches:  Rinsed with salt and cumin, Un-rinsed with salt, Rinsed with sugar and cinnamon.  All delicious!

Be safe out there tonight!


  1. I love your Tree of Life punkin!

    This is the first year that The Boy is opting out of trick-or-treating. ::sigh:: They grow up SO. FAST. ...

  2. WHAAATT!?! He'll be back. Seem like he's right in that "it's not cool" place, but in a few years it gets cool again. Right? RIGHT?!

    ...or maybe it's time for you and Mr. Quizzical to show him how to do up the house like the Introverted Couple and make that your new tradition....

  3. Is it bad if I call you Virginia Ann? Well, too bad, my dear. Old habits (very old) die hard! I've read your blog several times before, and it's really great. You may already know the these next three, but I can't stop talking about them, and you must read if havent already...unfortunately, you'll have to google them because i don't have the addresses easily available. ANYWAY...Paris-breakfasts.blogspot.com (think that's correct), Sunday-Suppers.blogspot.com (possibly?), and absolutely hilarious, obnoxious, and stuck up is Adrian Moore who is an American in the thick of Paris food world (adrianmoore.com ?maybe).xo, Kathleen

  4. Kathleen - I love that you read my blog. It makes me truly happy. And big thanks for the new blogs to follow!