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Saturday, November 6, 2010

The things we do...

From the back seat of my Honda Cr-V, my children track where we are by noticing the water towers we're near.  These landmarks are very common here in the Plains of Minnesota, and each one is a little different.  My children have names for each one, and it helps them figure out where we are, and where we're going.  I think it's pretty smart.

The other day when my five year old had school and my three year old didn't,  he and I took a mini- tour of the local water towers for Something To Do.  It was a huge hit.  We walked around the first one (fenced in), we TOUCHED the second one (after ignoring the No Trespassing sign and running up the hill it was on, leaving the car running for a quick getaway), and we played at the park next to the third one.  Then when my Kindergartener came home and got wind of what we did - we went back and touched the second one again.  This is just one of the crazy, creative, semi-ridiculous things I do for my children.

The clock glows blue at night!

We touched this one.  Twice. 

This one's next to a great playground....

...and has a bonus tornado warning siren!

What strange things did you find yourself doing this week? - with kids or not!


  1. Very cool!

    We don't have water towers here, as we steal our water from Central Cali. Thank you, William Mulholland!

    The neatest thing I did this week was tour a film vault. One of our MSTie twit-peeps works there and she was kind enough to show me around. VERY COOL. (And I do mean "cool", as it was 45 degrees inside! BRRRRR!)

    When Ev was little, we did alot more fun/cool things than we do now that he's an obstinate tween. This morning, I couldn't even get him to go to freakin' Target with me. PFFFFFT. I miss when I could just toss him in the back of the car and drag him places... So glad to see you enjoying these little moments with your spawn!

  2. What pretty photos, and what a grand adventure for you and "the little one." These type things are what they, and we, will remember.

    Oh, and the stew you made for your in-laws? Saw the picture on Twitter and drooled for a full several minutes!

  3. That's a really nice thing to do with your kids :) I remember navigating by water tower from my carseat when I was a kid too, but our town only has one and it is not reachable on foot.

    That tower with the clock on it is really interesting!

  4. I love the way kids make the mundane New and Fun.