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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Marshall's Farm Market

Far, far too late in the season, I discovered Marshall's Farm Market  - right down the street from our new house.  It is the cutest place I've ever seen and it has a wealth of delicious, local food.  I want to live there.

All decked out for Late October

Awesome, huge bouncer for the kids while I shopped.

Tiny little "Haunted House" for the kids, too. 

In addition to chicken, beef, lamb, beets carrots and apples.....

I got some honey and many bottles of delicious goodness from Golden Fig.  The chocolate salt has been a stumper for me - it wasn't my thing on popcorn.  Going to try it on beef.  

Chocolate Balsamic, Cinnamon Clove Balsamic, Honey, Maple Pepper, Chocolate Salt

The Maple Pepper was wonderful on some rounds of butternut squash on the grill.

The Chocolate Balsamic was reduced to a syrup and eaten on vanilla ice cream.  That was delicious.  What was not in the least bit delicious was my first attempt at the reduction where I got distracted and this happened:

Luckily the second try was more successful.  After soaking this, my favorite and oldest little pan (even though it has a left--handed spout), in Coke over night to no avail, the burn finally came out thanks to a week of soaking in water on the counter and my sweet, beloved husband scrubbing it countless times over that week.  What a nice man.

My favorite Golden Fig purchase has been the Cinnamon Clove Balsamic.  I have been shaking it up with some olive oil and using it as a dressing on salads with spinach, arugula, cranberries, goat cheese walnuts and, today, crisp prosciutto. Yummy.

I am really looking forward to shopping there again in the spring (they have fresh eggs every morning, too.  MMMMmm!)   I'm going to contact them about getting local meat delivered to my home throughout the winter, too!  


  1. I love the Golden Fig products. So much fun!

  2. Chocolate salt - maybe on something with caramel? Caramel apple pie?

  3. Oh - whoa - if you live right near Marshalls, then you live RIGHT near my parents. They are just a bit further down Pioneer Trail in Settler's Ridge.