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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

I like what I like.

Last night on Twitter and Facebook, there was an amazing(ly long) conversation about food.  Specifically who likes what.  The contenders: Cilantro and Celery. Later Mushrooms, Beets and Olives came into the fray.  I'd like to throw in one more contender.

Brussels Sprouts.
You can buy them on the stalk at Trader Joe's.  Cool, huh?

I have expanded my palate  a lot in the last decade.  Mostly, I must admit, in the direction of vegetables.  And also mostly because of my husband.  He likes veggies.  He has shown me the way.  (No, I still don't like mushrooms or olives.)

One thing we really enjoy often and all year round are Brussels sprouts.  I know, I know.  But here are two great recipes to get you started if you want to try them.  They're nutty and delicious - and they have good stuff on them.  I find slicing them like this makes them much easier to eat and also tastier. ( Click the titles to be directed to the recipes in a new window - always true on my blog.)

(my favorite way to eat the B-Sprout these days)

You can SEE the nuttiness!

Served with chicken tenders and acorn squash.

Here they are quartered and served not only with
brown butter (what's better than that?) and dill, but also almonds.  Yum!
So go out on a limb!  Try some new veggies!  Cook up some B-Sprouts and tell me what you think.

Also, if you'd like to cash in on any of the other foods up for discussion at the top of the post - let 'er rip.  Any other controversial foods out there?  I'm not really fond of mollusks, either....



  1. I'm funny with mushrooms: I'll eat 'em raw, like in a salad, but not cooked. Cooked, they get a weird texture. To me, anyway.

    That brussels sprouts stalk is INSANE! I've never seen that! I wonder if we have 'em here?! I'll hafta look.


    I serve 'em at every holiday and people go on and on about how thye hate them so I make them try A TASTE. And guess what? Not so much on the hate anymore.

    I used to hate veggies, too (SlackMom always had the same depressed iceberg lettuce salad with goopy lowfat dressing at every meal), until I discovered the wonder of ROASTING.

    Also, brussels sprouts tossed with a little pancetta (sold cubed at the Trader Joes!) = magic.

    Mark me down for loving beets, mushrooms, and all the weird foods. The two things I cannot STAND are:

    Cooked green pepper (raw is okay, other colors are okay, green just tastes WEIRD.)

    Carrots in any form OTHER than carrot cake.

  3. I actually like ALL those foods you mentioned, especially brussel sprouts and I have some in the fridge right now! I usually just roast or saute them with some combination of the following: lemon, butter, olive oil, white wine, garlic, shallots, pine nuts, prosciutto.... good stuff!

  4. Thank you!! I'll eat just about any veggie.. EXCEPT mushrooms or olives.

  5. Brussels Sprouts are a magical dream, roasted with some olive oil. I must disagree with you about mushrooms, though. I made this recipe yesterday that hath changed my mind: http://www.eatingwell.com/recipes/fettuccine_brussels_sprouts_mushrooms.html

  6. Pip-
    That's so funny. After I wrote this I went looking for some mushroom recipes to try to challenge my palate a little more - and that's one of the recipes I printed out for myself!!

  7. I just saw them sold like that at Byerly's for the first time....that's crazy!! I love brussels sprouts with butter and bacon....say yum.
    ~Chris Ann

  8. I had always despaired of being a true foodie because I hate mushrooms so darn much. You're an inspiration. Gotta say, though, olives in all forms are magnificent and delicious. When I make spaghetti I always saute mushrooms for my husband to top his with and chop up black and green olives for me. YUM. Brussel sprouts are awesome, thanks for standing up for this underrated veggie.