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Friday, December 10, 2010


Last night I made sushi at home for the first time.  I recently saw Marie Porter post about This on Twitter. (Follow her, she's funny, smart and makes amazing food - what else can you ask for?)

Here's how mine came out.  I used salmon, because that's what I like best and that's what they had at the store that hadn't been frozen.

Nori, Mango, Avocado, Rice

Smush rice on Nori, sprinkle with toasted sesame seeds


Add ingredients

My first-ever roll.  It smooshed out the sides.

But look how pretty inside!

Brought this to Bill for a snack

Then made another for dinner


Cooked some salmon and made salmon, mango and avocado nigiri for the kids.

Totally worth the $7 I shelled out for all that nori and the bamboo mat - though I'm glad I put parchment on top - so less messy.

Try it! You'll be glad you did.


  1. Wow! You get way more fancy with the presentation than we do!

    We go for the volume, LOL. Mound a plate up with 4-6 rolls worth of slices, and revel in the mountain of sushi. Not classy AT ALL, but so yummy!

  2. Oh! You started with uramaki-- inside out rolls. I've made maki and nigiri rolls before but never flipped the sheet and coated the rice with sesame seeds before.

    Never met a sushi roll I didn't like... except for sea urchin, which tastes like a surfeit of crab brains. And I've had sushi fresh from the Tsukiji market in Tokyo, but I still love Philadelphia rolls [salmon/avocado/cream cheese] and spam musubi.

    If you like trying Asian fusion recipes, here's a website I love: http://www.cookingcute.com/

    This lady specializes in bento box lunches, which seem to be a way of life for her. But I tried and loved spam musubi [yeah, Hawaiian spam sushi--my roommate warned me it would stink up the kitchen, but it didn't and was a good snack]... and tri-colored donburi, which is an easy lunch to make if you have snow peas and ground beef on hand. I want to try tea-marbling some eggs again sometime too, cuz they were neat but I don't think I let them soak long enough.