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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Hello again, hello.

Oh, my poor neglected blog.  I'm so sorry to have been away for so long.  My family has been passing around a stomach flu and I have been unable to think about food for days. Very sad.  We are all in the clear now, and I look forward to eating regularly again and sharing with you all the delights of the rest of the season.

In the meantime:

My children are home from school on Winter Break for two weeks (OMG), and then we will be going on a cruise for a week.  I'm looking for things to entertain them while were all home. Together.  Bound in by snow and ice.  For two weeks.  *ahem*  Sorry. -and will probably do this awesome kitchen science project again. All you need is cornstarch and water (and food coloring if you want to be fancy like me).

When you work it (create friction), it's a solid.

When you let it relax, it's a liquid!

My daughter made hers pink.

My son made his green.

You should totally do this - even if you don't have kids - do it for "cheap date at home with a bottle of wine night".  Seriously.  It's quick to make, entertaining for a really long time, and super easy to clean up (the best part).

Check out the rest of Liz's site, Kitchen Pantry Scientist, for more great experiments!

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  1. oh that is fun sorry to hear your kids are sick

    Merry Christmas