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Sunday, December 12, 2010

I Heart NY

Last week, Bill and I went to see a reading of his play HATE MAIL at a benefit for Opening Act in New York City. 

Thanks, Sun Country! Glad these instructions are so specific.
I wore my tutu that day and was a little concerned.

Cranberry crumble with clotted cream at Angus McIndoe.

View from the Hilton Times Square, 43rd floor.

Lunch: Antipasi at Mario Batali's OTTO.

Calamari with potaotes
Eggplant (something)
Broccoli & Peccorino
Roasted Beets and Saba
Parsnips, Parsley & Parmigiano - you WILL see me attempt this - it was incredible.

The spaghetti Alla Carbonara was too al dente for my taste, and so salty I couldn't eat more than two bites.  My Fussili Con Stracotto was also very salty, but the pork shoulder was delicious.

The gelato disappered so quickly, I didn't get a chance to take a picture.  Three scoops.  Dark chocolate, Olive Oil and Gorgonzola.  I endevour to learn to make awesome savory ice creams now and follow in the footsteps of my Great-Grandfather and open an ice cream parlor.  Though mine will probably not be in the Bronx.

$5 sparkling water was worth the bottle and the relief from my hangover.

I love this.  I don't care if I look like a tourist.

The set of the show.
The benefit was at  New World Stage - a really cool venue where you have to walk DOWN two flights of stairs to get to the theater.

The Cast, Playwright and Director:
John Slattery, Cynthia Nixon, my husband Bill Corbett, and Michael Mastro

John and Bill

Bill, John and Me.
 Let me just say the cast, director, crew and members of Opening Act were wonderful, lovely people.  John Slattery and Cynthia Nixon were very nice, and really great in these roles.  I thank them so much for donating their time and tremendous talent to help this organization.

Among other things, we ate coconut omelets at Ponsri Thai after the show.

Good night, New York.
That's The Ball in Times Square in the middle, there.  Good thing we had light-blocking curtains.

I walked around saying, "I love New York" the whole 40 hours I was there.  Because I do.


  1. Is flying protocol really to smash one's face and forearms into the seatback ahead of you? Good to know.
    P.S. I love Pongsri Thai :)

  2. Nice picture of you and "The Mad Men!" (Sorry Bill, I couldn't resist!)

  3. I love the photo of the gigantic lights! So cool!!

  4. Wow that's so neat to see you guys with them. I had no idea he did so many other things than Rifftrax these days. I'm very impressed.
    And you look great by the way!