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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Winter = Stew

It's definitely winter here.  I keep telling my husband at we're having such a mild, late-start winter so far this year, but, really - it's winter.  And it's going to be winter until my birthday in mid-April.  .......sigh.......

So, I'm going to be making a lot of stew.  And things in crock pots. This week I'm going to experiment with some sort of lamb curry in a crock pot.  If you have any helpful ideas/recipes, please send me info/links.

One of my favorite stews is French Country Beef Stew.  I made it for my in-laws last month.  I use real bacon instead of turkey bacon.  It hikes up the fat a little, but I'm willing to accept that.  I also put in more orange zest than the recipe calls for because I like it.

I serve it over these super fat noodles I buy in my local supermarket (Rainbow, for those of you playing along at home), but I think pappardelle or regular old egg noodles would work great, too.  Trader Joe's carries a great pappardelle.

What's your favorite stew or crock pot meal?  What other winter comfort foods are you thinking about this season?


  1. We're a vegetarian household, and this is my fav crockpot recipe:

    Doesn't work for those with peanut allergies and is probably too spicy for most kiddos. So good though!

  2. The funny thing is we've been doing a lot of steaks and ribs as they're super on sale while all the crock pot roasts are far more expensive. Luckily the smoker works mostly regardless of temperature.

  3. Short ribs with polenta is my favorite go-to. Also, chili - pork or chicken with tomatillo, or beef (which I make with the worst cut - stew meat - of the best quality meat - piedmontese. It's insanely good.)

  4. Nina - Will you please share your short ribs recipe with me? I tried them las month and they were a disaster. I mean, like, throw it in the garbage disaster. I have more local short ribs in my freezer and they need to be in my belly instead.

  5. Alissa - That looks Awesome! I'm printing it and putting it in my To Do file.