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Saturday, February 19, 2011

The Future Soon

I wasnt to try some new recipes.  Namely this coconut curry soup and this skillet bread. Some family favorites: asparagus canapes that are wrapped in rolled out white bread and something I've yet to try called Tuna Cheese Chowder (omg, really? but I bet it's great).  I also want to make this:

Because it's just too funny and I bet my kids will like it.  Which makes it even greater.
Thank you to the amazing Caissie St. Onge for the above idea, months ago.  I will, of course, post pictures.


  1. My Beautiful Girl would probably love Candle Salad but I'm waiting for the reviews of the tuna cheese chowder. It actually sounds dang tasty!

  2. Oh Penzeys how crazy your recipes are but how awesome your curry spices are.