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Monday, February 7, 2011

Loppet or Lump it.

This weekend I went snowshoeing on frozen Lake of the Isles with a bunch of friends for a birthday party.

There were ice luminaries all around the lake - it was really beautiful. There were also people juggling fire. Always a good time.  It's not something I would have done, or even known about, really, without these awesome friends, as I live in the suburbs and my fate is more directed toward carpools and soccer and chain-store shopping. After typing that I have made a vow to myself to get out more.

Ahem..  Anyway, after walking on water, we went to Amazing Thailand in uptown.  I had the Duck Curry and now I want to eat nothing but that forever.   

Photo From Yelp via B

I've made a few curries before, but nothing like this. It was perfection: meat, tomatoes, pineapple, grapes, basil, lots of sauce, the perfect spice.  Looks like I need some curry recipes. Got any?


  1. My husband and I make a curry about once every two weeks but they are a bit different than what you described.

    Maillioux Curry:
    Cut 2 skinless chicken breasts into bite size pieces
    Cut 2-3 Carrots thinly to cook faster
    Add Pepper, potato, and or other veggies thrown in as well it really just depends on what we have on hand.
    -Once the veggies are about half cooked we put them out and then wipe out our pan.
    -Put about a tablespoon of olive oil onto the hot pan and then start adding your spices to get a kind of paste going. We use curry powder, cumin, cinnamon, ginger, nutmeg, and masalla. But that's just cause those are the few we actually have on hand. There are an endless amount of combos.
    -Once the paste is well stirred together and cooking good. 2-3 minutes really you can add about 1/4 can of coconut milk.
    - After mixing the milk into the spices then throw in the veggies again and then the chicken as well. Through the cooking time I end up putting the rest of the coconut milk in with it sometimes adding coconut as well if it's on hand.
    Once the chicken is cooked the curry part is ready. You can serve it with rice or my husband loves to make these little flat breads which I think really make the curry special.
    They are called Paratha and very easy to make and taste wonderful with the curry.
    Maybe that will give you ideas on how to make your own great mixture!

  2. This sounds like what you had: http://www.templeofthai.com/recipes/duck_curry.php

    I haven't tried the recipe myself yet but it looks like a pretty straightforward Thai curry recipe.

    Damn, now you've got me wanting duck curry though. All I have in the freezer are duck legs. Hmmm...maybe that would work if I roasted and sliced them instead of duck breast/whole duck?

  3. I make curry similar to this pretty regularly: http://www.eatingwell.com/recipes/red_curry_with_vegetables.html

    I add fresh garlic & ginger, and use whatever veggies I have on hand. Also, I usually use yellow curry paste - it's our favorite.