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Saturday, February 5, 2011


Twice last week I had beautiful pans of vegetables that started out looking like this:

Turn into garbage down the disposal that looked like this:

Because my oven went to 550 on its own accord. And filled the house with smoke.  Twice.

The second time, dinner turned from whole pork tenderloin with roasted vegetables into pork medallions with mustard sauce, creamed spinach and Trader Joe's frozen brown rice:

Happily, yesterday my oven turned from this:

Into this:

Best.  Landlord.  Ever.


  1. YAY for beautiful new ovens! My oven is over 30 years old, and has been broken for the past 5. But luckily there's a bottom oven that works okay, so we can still do like frozen lasagnas and stuff. We just can't do whole chickens or turkeys or other tall things. :-D

  2. New unit looks very nice. I'm holding off on replacing our electric stove/oven until I can afford to re-run the gas to our house (there was evidence of prior gas meterage when we bought the house 18 years ago) and get a gas stove/electric oven combo because I find electric ovens more accurate and gas stovetops infinitely adjustable.

    Might I suggest a test run of the new oven making these: http://bakingbites.com/2008/01/homemade-girl-scout-cookies-samoas/ (or one of her other faux Girl Scout cookies) since you missed out on ordering some? I've made the bar version of the Samoas from her recipe and they were fantastic. I'm contemplating the Thin Mint recipe now.