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Friday, February 18, 2011

Weathering Storms

A moment of honesty:  Life is stressful.  I'm pretty overwhelmed.  Lately, more and more, I feel like this:

I'm trying, though, in my quest to become a lighter-hearted, easier breathing, not-everything-is-so-hard-and-freaking-serious-believing person, to recognize that those days will continue to happen -but when they do, I'm going to hear this in the background. And maybe give myself a little break.  (That link opens in a new window.  Go ahead. Play them both at the same time. It made me feel better.  Hope it does, you, too.)


  1. I'm sorry you feel so frazzled and pulled in a million different directions. Lately I've known that feeling pretty well.

    Hopefully it starts getting better.

  2. Oh my God, this probably makes me a horrible person but that video made me laugh SO hard, sort of out of ironic sympathy for those little ducklings, because this week -- that THAT is exactly how I feel this week... but like those little duckies, we keep getting back up... and plugging away... and eventually get through the storm...