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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Great Scott!

You can check out cookbooks from the library?!?!? I mean, of course
you can, but it never occured to me to look. I'm gonna have so much
fun. (When Mother Lets Us Cook was published in 1908. Can't wait to
see what's in that one.)

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  1. Old cookbooks are like, the COOLEST. THING. EVAR. One of my prized possessions is a Jell-O cookbook from 1976. It is GNARLY. It has people with afros, wearing print jumpsuits, showing up at a party with some green-molded tuna/Jell-O nonsense.

    One of the best projects I did at my last job was cataloging a whole mess of old cookbooks that had been donated. I always took the most bizarre-looking ones first, cuz they were the most fun! :-D

  2. As someone who works in close proximity to a PILE of librarians, I am pleased that you have made this discovery and I hope that you will take this as a sign to take a tour of the rest of your library! ;) If you haven't already.

    As for old cookbooks, I have two that I find, um, "interesting":

    One is "The Children's Cookbook: A beginner's guide to cooking". Get 'em started young, I say!

    The other is "Better Homes and Gardens Recipes for Entertaining" published in 1972. And man, does it exude 70's flair! The color scheme is all browns and oranges. Don't even get me started on the decor in the photos.

    Happy cooking!